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Montessori thinks is an idea started by two young dads, Vangelis and Panos. After the born of four children, after many mistakes, we revised the way we see children in general by discovering their world. And we want you to discover that world, to help not only the parents but especially the children themselves!

In fact, we realized that it is not only the parents who have difficulties in the first years of their children’s lives, but also themselves trying to adapt and grow. It is not just the mother who is in pain to give birth to her baby. It is also the baby who experiences the most critical moment of his transition from the safety of the amniotic sac to a world full of noise and light! It is not only the parent who stays up all night in the first days of his life. It is the baby that tries to learn day and night! It is not the parent who gets tired of watching his child take his first steps all the time, it is the child who constantly tries, falls and gets up again to discover the world!

We think that the environment must support all this effort of the child as it plays a key role in his development! Katerina, one of the two mothers, a certified Montessori educator (A.M.I.) and Montessori Farm School owner, showed us the way. Montessori thinks will try to help you discover how important the first 6 years of a child’s life are in shaping their personality and how important the shaping of the environment is in their development. Based on the Montessori philosophy, we decided to start an effort  with various home furniture, that will help our little friends to adapt to the new world, and toys that will help them develop their skills.

Browse our “world” and it might help you in this new unique experience called parenting!

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