• Montessori Pull Up Bar 38.50

    It is one of the most basic development materials for 6-12 months old babies. Ideal for babies trying to lift their own weight.

    It allows him/her to hold on and stand up and repeats this movement. Being able to stand is a very new experience, and it gets him/her very excited. It tastes the feeling of being able to move independently until the walking period.

    Especially if you put it in front of a mirror, it helps them enjoy watching their own facial expressions.
    Spending a long time in front of the mirror improves the sense of self.
    Attention: The mirror is not included, only the support bar.

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  • Montessori Rattle Roller – Ball Cylinder 29.00

    Inspired by the Montessori educational philosophy, this ball rattle toy is perfect for toddlers.

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  • Montessori Spinning Drum 55.00

    One of the classic Montessori materials is the spinng rainbow drum!

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  • Puzzles with Shapes in Frames 25.00

    This set consists of 4 puzzles, made of natural wood. The set includes:

    1. A big circle
    2. One square
    3. A triangle
    4. A small circle

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  • Ball Tracker 72.50

    An authentic classic toy that should not be missing from any children’s room.

    It’s a toy your child will enjoy for years.

    It not only develops children’s motor skills, but also their observation, imagination, concentration and creativity.

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  • Natural Wooden Rattle Teether 13.50

    It is made of quality beech wood, non-toxic, with smooth texture and edges, does not break easily and is extremely durable.

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  • Thick And Thin Cylinders 9.60

    Working with this toy gives the child the opportunity to distinguish which cylinder should fit in the corresponding slot depending on the size.

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  • 3D Object Fitting Exercise 32.50

    Goals achieved:

    • Development of fine motor skills
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Strengthening his observation and logical thinking
    • Repetition – concentration
    • Opportunity to use both hands

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  • Permanence Box With Ball & Drawer 37.50

    A wooden box to practice the child in hand-eye coordination and permanence of objects.

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  • Object Permanence Box With Tray 30.50

    A wooden box to practice the child in hand-eye coordination and permanence of objects.

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  • Discs On Vertical Dowel 15.00

    Working with these cubes on the rod develops eye-hand coordination.

    The set contains 3 colored wooden discs that are inserted on a wooden rod on the support.

    This product is a teaching material, not a toy. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age without supervised by an adult.

    Tip: Once the child has mastered it, raise the difficulty level and present the Colored Disks on a Vertical Dowel.


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