• Black and White Cards 9.50

    Black and white cards are the right gift for your newborn baby!

    The package includes 4 pieces.

    From the absolute darkness in his mother’s belly he comes to face a multitude of stimuli, many lights and colors! His vision is still not formed and after the 2nd month the color vision begins, but even then, he sees blurry, he does not distinguish white from yellow. For this reason, the black and white cards with strong contrasts, train the baby’s vision and give him the opportunity for observation and concentration. Also, if the baby observes them upside down, it helps him to strengthen his neck and support his head.

    Offer these wonderful cards with geometric shapes and everyday designs to your baby.

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    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsFloralMint LeopardWhite with Flowers

    With this set for a newborn you can cover all the basic needs of your baby.

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