• Newborn Set Extra 65.00
    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsElephantsFloralLeaves

    This set for a newborn is a complete package you can give to your baby!

    Here you will find everything your baby needs for the first months of life.

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  • Newborn Set 46.50
    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsFloralMint LeopardWhite with Flowers

    With this set for a newborn you can cover all the basic needs of your baby.

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  • Newborn Set – Teethers (Stick, Rosary, Ring) 19.50
    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsFloralMint LeopardWhite with Flowers

    Your baby will love this set of teethers for many months! They are small items, made of natural materials and suitable for the size of baby hands.

    In the eyes of an adult they may look very simple, but you will be surprised by the interest that your baby will show. He will be able to grab them, hold them and process them for hours. These teethers will help your baby to open – strengthen his hand!

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  • Rattan Fabric Ball 15.00
    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsElephantsMint LeopardWhite with Flowers

    Give your baby an incentive to crawl, stretch, stand on his arms and legs!

    The “fabric rattle ball” is not just any ball that can be found at different rooms of any house. Instead, it rolls up to a nearby point, enticing your baby to move to catch it. It has a bell inside that makes noise as it moves, thus pulling even more the child’s interest to catch it!

    In stock

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