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  • Sweeping Set with Broom 13.50
    • With this sweeping set consisting of a broom, a hand brush and a dust pan, even the smallest children can clean, brush and sweep just like adults.
    • A home toy, with bright colors, that simultaneously trains motor skills and the sense of grooming and care.
    • The broom and hand brush are the stars when it comes to children’s role-playing games!

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  • Natural Wooden Rattle Teether 13.50

    It is made of quality beech wood, non-toxic, with smooth texture and edges, does not break easily and is extremely durable.

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  • Thick And Thin Cylinders 9.60

    Working with this toy gives the child the opportunity to distinguish which cylinder should fit in the corresponding slot depending on the size.

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  • 3D Object Fitting Exercise 32.50

    Goals achieved:

    • Development of fine motor skills
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Strengthening his observation and logical thinking
    • Repetition – concentration
    • Opportunity to use both hands

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  • Interlocking Discs Teether 7.50

    It is made of 2 interlocking wooden discs.

    At about six months, the baby begins to examine objects by hand. Moving objects from hand to hand helps to develop the right and left sides of the brain.

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