• Working vehicles 19.00

    Game consisting of 6 vehicle tabs, 6 space tabs, 24 item tabs and 1 die.


    ASSOCIATION GAME that allows establishing relationships between objects and equipment if they belong to the same category.

    Through this game you can work on the following aspects of child development:

    – Observation by searching for the characteristics of objects and their functions.

    – Logical thinking: by associating the objects with the corresponding vehicle – occupation.

    – The oral language in its various aspects: Vocabulary acquisition, description of objects, taking into account their use and characteristics..

    – Visual motor coordination with the manipulation of the tabs.

    – Learning a second or third language at the oral level.



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  • Strategy Game – Score 4 30.00
    • Classic strategy game made of wood in a modern, “adult” look with sophisticated gold accents combined with simple black/white and lots of natural wood
    • Comes with 42 high-quality game pieces made of solid wood
    • Especially easy to set up thanks to the magnets integrated in the game frame
    • High-quality look, pleasant haptics
    • Comes with high-quality game box for storage
    • Promotes logical thought and concentration
    • Easy-to-understand game concept brings fun and good moods to players of all ages


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