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    Bag with Gardening Tools 25.00

    Handy garden bag in a child-friendly size

    • Incl. 6 handy gardening tools (dustpan shovel, coal shovel, hand spade, ladle shovel, rake, digging fork)
    • With 2-in-1 watering can/spray bottle
    • Gardening tools in child-friendly sizes with robust wooden grips and colourfully lacquered metal heads
    • Bag has a spacious main compartment and convenient external compartments
    • Particularly robust, durable, and easy to clean
    • Ideal for the garden, beach, and sandbox.

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  • Playdough Wooden Tool Set 18.50

    The perfect set of tools to play with and combine with your clays. Draw, cut, shape the material and have fun!

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