• Enjoy the seasons of the year 23.00

    This is an original association game for learning about the different activities you can do in every season of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    The real-life images encourage children to revisit the seasons over and over again.

    Throw the dice and find out which is your favourite season!

    What do I learn?What do I learn?

    • To learn about the four seasons of the year.
    • To discover the typical activities of each season.
    • To understand that everyone can have a different favourite season, thus learning to respect diversity of opinion.
    • To develop the skills of observation and logical reasoning.
    • To extend the vocabulary related to the images shown on the cards.
    • To learn to respect the order of play.


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  • What Fell from the Tree? Wooden Puzzle 39.00

    Become an expert in forests with the puzzles “What fell from the tree”!

    Get to know the leaves and fruits of the trees, learn their names.

    You can also draw their outlines on a piece of paper and color them.

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  • Bee Development Wooden Puzzle 39.00

    Explore the imaginary world of insects, see what changes take place during their lifetime, discover the “aliens” who live under our noses.

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  • Puzzles in bright colors in frames 42.00

    The puzzle consists of 9 different shapes, which consist of 5 frames that must be inserted into each other in the correct order.

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