• Strategy Game – Score 4 30.00
    • Classic strategy game made of wood in a modern, “adult” look with sophisticated gold accents combined with simple black/white and lots of natural wood
    • Comes with 42 high-quality game pieces made of solid wood
    • Especially easy to set up thanks to the magnets integrated in the game frame
    • High-quality look, pleasant haptics
    • Comes with high-quality game box for storage
    • Promotes logical thought and concentration
    • Easy-to-understand game concept brings fun and good moods to players of all ages


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  • Pawns Memory Game 17.00

    This memory chess game is designed to improve different skills in children.

    Playing with this toy can help to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration.

    It can also be beneficial in enhancing memory, exercising observation capability. Since the game should be played with other players, it can be useful for children social abilities.

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  • Where does food come from? 23.50

    A game of association for learning to classify foodstuffs depending on their origin.

    What do I learn?What do I learn?

    • Attention and concentration
    • Healthy eating
    • Logical reasoning
    • Vocabulary and verbal fluency

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