Pawns Memory Game


This memory chess game is designed to improve different skills in children.

Playing with this toy can help to improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration.

It can also be beneficial in enhancing memory, exercising observation capability. Since the game should be played with other players, it can be useful for children social abilities.

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How Toy Play Memory Chess Game.

Before starting a game, all chess pieces should be inserted into the wooden board. The color of each chess piece shouldn’t be visible to the players. Once everything is set, the first player should through a dice. A player then has to select one chess piece from the board so that it would match the color on the dice.  In the case that color matches, the same player throughs a dice one more time and tries to collect as many chess sticks as possible. If the colors doesn’t match on the chess piece, it should be returned to the board. The next player throughs a dice and continues with a game.

There are three different ways how a winner of this memory game can be determined. It can be all a matter of agreement before each new game. Changing the rules of victory from time to time can make this game less monotonic and fun.

Rule #1: The player who has the largest number of chess pieces after the game is the winner.

Rule #2: The player who collects the same color chess pieces fist is the winner of the game.

Rule #3: The player who collects at least one piece of each color chess first is the winner.


Not recommended for children under 3 years without adult supervision.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 6 cm
Age 2+ years old. Age is indicative, use depends on the child's development
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