• Bell & Ring Mobile 23.90

    One of the indispensable elements of Montessori is the bell and ring mobile. Bell and ring is a tactile mobile and tactile mobiles come after Montessori visual mobiles. What we want to tell with Tactile is that the baby touches, pushes, pulls and thus establishes a cause and effect relationship. In addition, the baby’s muscles, grasping skills and motor skills will develop.

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  • Baby Gym 40.00

    Baby gym is completely made of beech wood.

    Installation is completed with two wooden screws.

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  • Gobbi Mobile (7-9 weeks) 29.0029.50
    Blue ShadesGreen ShadesPink Shades

    The next mobile you will present to your baby, after the Octahedron Mobile, is the Gobbi Mobile.

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  • CHRISTMAS TIME!-12%Limited
    Christmas Tree Mobile 22.00

    The elegant Christmas tree mobile is graphically designed so that the 6 small Christmas trees together with the hearts and the big star at the top form a Christmas tree.

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  • -22%LimitedSold Out
    Swallows Mobile 19.50

    Three beautiful swallows play and jump in the air.

    A perfect mobile for your baby who sees blurry in the first months of his life!

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  • Newborn Set Extra 65.00
    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsElephantsFloralLeaves

    This set for a newborn is a complete package you can give to your baby!

    Here you will find everything your baby needs for the first months of life.

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  • Newborn Set 46.50
    Beige LeopardBlack SpotsFloralMint LeopardWhite with Flowers

    With this set for a newborn you can cover all the basic needs of your baby.

    In stock

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