Dancers Mobile (10-12 Weeks)


The next mobile you will present to your baby, after the Gobbi Mobile, is the Dancers Mobile.

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The next mobile you will present to your baby, after the Gobbi Mobile, is the Dancers Mobile.

From the rods hang the dancers with thread, which are made of special holographic paper. Each separate part of their body moves independently, so we leave a small distance between them (head, arms, legs).

Dancers Mobile helps your baby develop their vision and depth perception with visual tracking.

Beams of light are formed on the walls by the reflection of light on the hologram.

Thanks to the air created by the movements of the baby’s hands, the mobile moves. In this way, the baby’s movement and balance are improved. Some of Maria Montessori’s cause-and-effect education techniques are applied here through observation.

-Made of lightweight materials that reflect light. This way it immediately grabs attention and is a candidate to become your baby’s favorite toy.

-Makes 2 kinds of rotary movements. It helps your baby do eye and head exercises while watching these regular movements.

-The movement of the mobile contributes to the development of depth and distance perception.

– Contributes to the development of the baby’s ability to spend time alone.

The mobile comes assembled and all you have to do is tie the threads of the product where you want.

Use under adult supervision is recommended.

3 wooden bars – 30/15/15 cm. Each dancer is 20-25 cm long and 10-15 cm wide. The total length from right to left is approximately 50 cm. The total approximate height from top to bottom is 40 cm.

Manufactured following compliance directive 2009/48/EC for toy safety and hygiene.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 6 cm
Age 10-12 weeks. Age is indicative, use depends on the child's development
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